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Shawnee County Casualties in WWI
Western Front and Overseas
Surnames A - D

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Where known, the information is organized as follows:
SURNAME, Names, Rank, Regimental assignment, Date Enlisted, Honor Roll listing
Date of Birth, Birthplace, State, Parents and/or Spouses names,
Date and details of death, Burial information
KIA - Killed in Action, MIA - Missing in Action, DFW - Died from Wounds,
DFD - Died from Disease, DIA - Died in Accident

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John Oscar Akerstrom
AKERSTROM, John Oscar (see Stories)
Pvt, H Co., 356th Inf., 89th Div. Enlisted Apr 1918 at Independence, MO.
Honor Roll Casualty List Dec 18, 1918.
Born 6 Apr 1891, Topeka KS. Son of Anna S. & (the late) Alfred AKERSTROM, Topeka, KS.
DFW 22 Nov 1918 involving serious wounds to the leg and arm sustained on the night of 10 Nov 1918, between 8:30 pm - midnight, in the area of the confluence of the Meuse and Wame Rau rivers near Pouilly-sur-Meuse, in the final battle of the Argonne Offensive, just hours before the Armistice was signed.
Originally buried in French soil (Suresnes Cemetery, Paris), remains returned to the US and re-interred in the Topeka Cemetery, Section 82, Lot 86, Interment #16532 on 14 Sept 1921.
fred G. Austrom
2Lt Army Air Services, HQ Detachment, 3rd Aviation Instruction Center. Enlisted July 1917 in Topeka, KS.
Honor Roll Casualty List Dec 5, 1918.
Born 13 Feb 1891, Sundsvall, Sweden. Son of Lena & John G. AUSTROM, Independence, Montgomery Co., KS.
DFW at 1:45 am on Nov 5th, 1918 following an aeroplane accident during the training of students in pursuit techniques (acrobatics, group flying, camera gun, altitude and combat in 120 hp Nieuports) at about 9:30 on the morning of Nov 4th. The accident left AUSTROM with severe fracture injuries to the base of his skull, lacerations over the right eye and chin, fractures to his left femur and fibula and a dislocated right ankle. AUSTROM was in a coma for about 16 hours following the accident and never regained consciousness before he died at Camp Hospital #4, APO 724, AEF.
Buried at St. Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France, Plot A, Row 27, Grave 14. His name is also included on the 3rd Aviation Instruction Center Memorial.
Emory Ellsworth Baird
BAIRD, Emory Ellsworth
Pvt, C Co., 7th Inf., 3rd Div. Enlisted Sept 1917 in Topeka, KS.
Honor Roll Casualty List July 2, 1918. Born 28 Jan 1892, Brantford, Washington Co., KS. Son of Lillie Blanche (FICKEL) & William Allen BAIRD, Topeka, KS
DFW 21 June 1918 sustained in the Belleau Woods Offensive. By 17 June 1918, the 7th Infantry had relieved three battalions of U.S. Marines from their positions 1,000 meters S.W. of Torcy down through the northern part of Belleau Woods to Bouresches in the S.E. of the sector.The 7th Infantry was then charged with clearing an entrenched German machine gun nest within the northern edge of Belleau Woods. Between 18-21 June, the 7th Infantry attempted, unsuccessfully, to eliminate this nest. BAIRD was fatally injured during one of these nightly attempts.
Originally buried in French soil, remains returned to the US and re-interred in the Rochester Cemetery, Topeka, KS Section 10, Lot 1095, Interment #3584 on 1 Aug 1921.
Alfred Grant Baker
BAKER, Alfred Grant (see Stories)
Sgt. FC Kansas National Guard, A Co., 110th Engineers, 35th Div. Enlisted Apr 1917 in Topeka, KS. Honor Roll Casualty List Nov 11, 1918.
Born 28 Feb 1893, Marvin, Phillips Co., KS. Son of Lucina (LAWRENCE) & (the late) Robert M. BAKER, Topeka, KS.
KIA at 10:00 hours 29 Sept 1918 by a direct hit from a high explosive shell, in the area southeast of the Bois de Montrebeau along the Baulny Ridge just south of Chaudron Farm in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France Plot D, Row 43, Grave 16.
Harry Edward Bayly
BAYLY, Harry Edward Serial #2175201 (see Stories)
Sgt, One-Pound Cannon Platoon, HQ Co., 353rd Inf, 89th Div. Enlisted Dec 12, 1917 in Topeka, KS. Honor Roll Casualty List Dec 5, 1918.
Born 26 Dec 1890, Jennings, Decatur Co., KS. Son of (the late) Sarah Elizabeth (BEERS) & Richard Allyan BAYLY living in Tar River, Ottawa Co., OK.
KIA 30 Oct 1918 in the battle zone area of the northern edge of Bois de Bantheville in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. There is a discrepancy about the date of death - the History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment (page 226) states “The Pounder Platoon arrived in the Bois de Bantheville on the 19th October and assisted the First Battalion in mopping up the woods and advancing the line two kilometers. On October 29th, a shell struck the Stokes mortar ammunition dump in these woods. As a result of the explosion, Sgt Harry E. BAILEY [sic] and Pvt. John L. Thompson were killed, and Private Clay H. Hawkins mortally wounded. The activity of this sector was disastrous to the Pounder Platoon. Casualties totaled three killed and twelve wounded; the platoon was now only about one-third strength.”
Sgt BAYLY was awarded the American Distinguished Service Cross for actions on 22 Oct 1918. The citation reads: "The Distinguished Service Cross is presented to Harry E. BAYLY, Sergeant, U.S. Army, for extraordinary heroism in action near Remonville, France, October 22, 1918. When the advance was checked by severe machine-gun fire, Sergeant BAYLY, who was in charge of a one-pounder section, volunteered to open fire on the nest with a Stokes Mortar. Holding the mortar between his legs, he put it in action immediately and silenced the machine-gun nest, allowing the advance to continue." General Orders 66, W.D., 1919.
The History of the 353rd Infantry Regiment (page 117) states: "It was nearly noon on October 22nd when when the order came to complete the mopping up and advance to the objective ..... The advance had progressed but a few paces when it seemed like all of the machine guns in the world were put into action. Deadly flanking fire came from a clearing to the left front. The Stokes mortars section had only nine rounds of ammunition. It was a short range of two hundred and fifty yards. When the direction and range had been indicated, Sgt. H.E. BAILEY [sic] of the one-pounder section, placed the mortar between his knees and fired the whole nine rounds. The machine guns in this quarter were completely out of action. Later Intelligence charts showed a great number of German dead in this particular spot as a result of Sergeant BAILEY's [sic] work. The advance continued in skirmish line by filtration process."
Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery Romagne, France Plot B, Row 41, Grave 14.
No Portrait Available
BEARD, Ralph R.
Pvt. FC, C Co., 309th Field Signal Batt., 84th Div. Enlisted June 1918.
Honor Roll Casualty List Nov 27, 1918.
Born 9 Nov 1892 Lyndon, Osage Co., KS. Son of John and (the late) Camelle H. (Roy) BEARD, Topeka, KS.
DFD 1 Nov 1918 of complications from the Spanish influenza and resulting pneumonia in France. Buried at Suresnes American Cemetery, Suresnes, France Plot A, Row 7, Grave 2.
No Portrait Available
BERG, Jack
Pvt. FC Army, D Co., 15th Machine Gun Batt. 5th Div. Enlisted June 1917.
Honor Roll Casualty List Mar 28, 1919.
KIA 15 Oct 1918 during the battle at Bois des Rappes in the second phase of the Meuse-Argonne Operation.
Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France Plot B, Row 9, Grave 35.
John Alexander Logan Best
BEST, John Alexander Logan (see Stories)
Pvt. Canadian Army, 10 Battalion, Canadian Inf., Alberta Reg. Enlisted Oct 1916 in Alberta, Canada. Born 11 Feb 1885, Russell, Russell Co., KS. Son of Anna Margaret & (the late) Burris HARPER, Topeka, KS, adopted by Menzo BEST, Russell, KS
DFW on 25 Aug 1917 at No. 18 Casualty Clearing Station at Lapugnoy, France following serious gunshot wounds to the head and back and a fatal case of poisoning from mustard gas. These fatal injuries were sustained in the assault, capture and holding of Hill 70 and the slaughter of the 'Chalk Pit', north of Lens in France from August 15-21, 1917 by Canadian forces. The sister-in-charge at the No. 18 Casualty Clearing Station wrote to Mrs. HARPER and stated “He was brought here very badly gassed and though every possible thing was done for him, all our care and attention could not save his life. This last gas used by (the) Huns is just deadly & we have lost many by it”
Buried in the Lapugnoy Military Cemetery, France Grave Reference V.E. 16.
No Portrait Available
BEYERS, Harry Ledoit
Cpl. I Co., 350th Inf. 88th Div. Enlisted June 1918 in Topeka, KS.
Honor Roll Listing June 12, 1919.
Born 6 June 1895 Beloit, Mitchell Co., KS. Son of Laura A. & George W. BEYERS, Perry, Noble Co., OK.
DFD 26 March 1919 while participating as part of the post-War occupation forces in Germany. Originally buried in Germany, his remains were returned to the US and buried in the Grace Hill Cemetery in Perry, Noble Co., OK in 1924.
Philipt Louis Billard
BILLARD, Philip Louis (see Stories)
1st Lt. & Test Pilot, American Aviation Section, HQ Detachment of the Air Service Signal Corps, United States Reserve. Enlisted Aug 1917 in San Diego, CA. Honor Roll Casualty List Aug 11, 1918. Born 27 Apr 1891, Topeka, KS. Son of (the late) Hermance P. (LAURENT) & Mayor Julius B. BILLARD, Topeka, KS.
DIA about 10:25 am 24 July 1918 while testing a DeHaviland 4 at the 3rd Aviation Instruction Center in Issoudun, France.
Originally buried at the Issoudun Air Field, his remains were transferred to a grave in the St. Mihiel American Cemetery. BILLARD's remains were subsequently exhumed in 1924, at the request of his father, and cremated. The ashes were then scattered by his brother in a park in Moulins (Auvergne), France on what would have been his 33rd birthday, 27 April, 1924. Moulins is close to the BILLARD family ancestral home town of Saint-Leon, Auvergne. His name is included on the 3rd Aviation Instruction Center Memorial.
One of the first members of the newly formed Kansas National Guard in 1916, Philip BILLARD was inducted, on 2 Nov 2003, into the Kansas National Guard Hall of Fame, and Billard Airport in Topeka is named for him.
Howard Oscar Birt
BIRT, Howard Oscar
Pvt. Reg. #50017 Canadian Army, 2nd Battalion, Canadian Inf., Eastern Ontario Reg. Enlisted Nov 6, 1914 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Born 8 Aug 1883 in Chanute, Neosho Co., Kansas. Son of Alice I. (FARRIS) & William Theodore BIRT, Topeka, KS and husband of Margaret L. (McGRAIL) BIRT of Franklin, Ohio.  BIRT married, for the second time,  Elsie Ada (NEWTON) BIRT during the 4th quarter of 1916, in Edmonton, Middlesex while on furlough from the Army. He subsequently fathered a child with Elsie in Nov 1917.    
DFW 4 May 1917 sustained during the attack on the Arleux Loop, probably at Fresnoy, France. The Army Casualty Report states" During the consolidation of our newly won position, this soldier was severely wounded by a fragment of an enemy high explosive shell. His wounds were immediately dressed and he was taken to the Regimental Aid Post and as soon as possible removed to a Field Ambulance. He was subsequently evacuated to No. 42 Casualty Clearing Station (Aubigny) where he succumbed to his wounds."
Buried in the Aubigny Communal Cemetery Extension, France Grave Reference II F. 64. See also Warren Co., OH Obits Online and Veterans Affairs Website, Canada.
Victor Kenney Blakely
BLAKELY, Victor Kenney Dodge
2nd Lt. Army, A Co., 11th Inf, 5th Div. Enlisted March 1917 in Topeka, KS.
Honor Roll Casualty List Dec 7, 1918.
Born 15 Sept 1897 Topeka, KS. Son of Mattie Victor Kenney (DODGE) & Charles Graham BLAKLEY, Topeka, KS.
KIA 15 Oct 1918 leading his 4th Platoon, A Company during the attack into the Bois de la Pultière in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. On the right of the main attack, the 2d Battalion, 11th Infantry, encountered an intense concentration of fire shortly after leaving the line of departure, and suffered heavy losses. As the slopes south of the Cunel-Romagne road were reached, the troops came under cross fire from the wood to their right, and from Romagne.
Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France Plot F, Row 23, Grave 20.
No image available
BLY, Henry
M Co., 806th Pioneer Inf. Reg. Enlisted Aug 1918. Born 10 Jan 1888 in Pierce City, MO.
Son of Gentry L. & Nancy (Brinson) BLY, Topeka, KS
DIA 24 May 1919 in France (details unknown-still being researched). Shown as a Cook in the 806th Pioneer Infantry Regiment on his headstone.
Buried at Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France Plot C, Row 17, Grave 27.
William Morton Bolinger
BOLINGER, William Morton
Coxswain, Naval Air Station in Finistere, France. Enlisted Apr 1918. Born 24 Nov 1900, Washington DC.
Son of Della M. & William Anderson BOLINGER, Topeka, KS.
DFD 2 Mar 1919 of complications from pneumonia at a base hospital at Lille, France. BOLINGER was attached to the Belgian Food Commission, transporting food relief into Belgium from France. On his last trip, which lasted 19 days, he caught pneumonia.
Originally buried in French soil, remains returned to the US and re-interred in Arlington National Cemetery, VA (Section 18 Site 787) on 23 Dec 1920.
Joseph Brogden
BROGDEN, Joseph David Serial # (see Stories)
Cpl, E Co. 2nd Batt/ 353rd Inf., 89th Div. Enlisted Apr 1918 in Topeka, KS.
Honor Roll Casualty List Oct 19, 1918.
Born 19 Dec 1887, Junction City, Geary Co., KS. Son of Mary & (the late) James D. BROGDEN, Topeka, KS
KIA shortly after 0500 hrs, 12 Sep 1918 either by machine gun fire
(or from a 'friendly-fire' barrage of high explosive shells) just before the first wave reached the second line of enemy wire to the east of Bois de Mort Mare, in the advance on the first day of the St Mihiel Offensive. He and his Lieutenant C. A. SHAW were attempting to eliminate an enemy machine gun emplacement when both men were killed in action. For further exploration of the reason for their deaths see Stories.
According to the Osprey Publication "St Mihiel 1918" by David BONK, "On the right, the 2/353rd Regiment, 177th Brigade, skirted the Bois de Mort Mare, taking fire from Germans in the wood and from the Ferme d'Ansoncourt (Farm) at the southern edge of the Bois d'Euvezin. By 0515 hrs every officer in Company E was killed or wounded, but despite taking over 200 casualties word was sent back that Ansoncourt Farm had been captured and that the Americans were entering the wood."
Originally buried on the battlefield 1/2 mile north of Limey (Grave 5A), later re-interred and buried at St. Mihiel American Cemetery, Thiaucourt, France Plot B, Row 3, Grave 14.
No Photo available
BRYANT, James R.
Clerk, National Guard, HQ Co., 137 Inf., 35th Div. Enlisted June 1917.
Honor Roll Casualty List April 14, 1919.
DFD 22 March 1919 in France at the 32nd Base Hospital.
Buried at Oise-Aisne American Cemetery, Fere-en-Tardenois, France Plot A Row 33 Grave 2.
No Photo available
Pvt, H Co., 301st (Colored) Stevedore Reg. Enlisted Sept 1917.
Born 27 Oct 1894 Dayton, OH. Son of Hattie & Joseph BURNETT, husband of Martha (Mattie) Bradshaw (BROOKS) BURNETT, Topeka, KS.
DIA 13 Dec 1917 in a crane accident possibly at the French port of Brest. In the book "The American Negro in the World War" by Emmett J Scott, Special Adjutant to Secretary of War, "(a) vast army of Stevedores in France was composed mostly of men who volunteered when the call was first sounded. The first men ... went over early in June, 1917, (and, progressively) other companies of volunteer men arrived, so the army grew until the Stevedore Camps at base ports in France became one great industrial army, numbering about fifty thousand." and "for every soldier who gets even a glimpse of the enemy or risks his life within range of shellfire, there must, in all modern warfare, be ..... the Stevedores also took great pride in their companies, their camps, and all that belonged to the Army, and because their work and contribution were always emphasized by officers as being essential to the boys in the trenches, the name "Stevedore" finally became a dignified and distinguished term, representing an important part of the great American Army ...... men working at such commonplace and routine tasks as loading and unloading ships, building piers, laying railroad tracks, making roads, in a thousand other ways making it possible for the fighting men to get to the front, and for the necessary food, ammunition, and other supplies to reach them."
Buried in Arlington National Cemetery, VA. Plot: Section 19, Site 158 on Nov 19, 1920.
For more information see a short YouTube video
about the Stevedores in France ports.
No Photo available
CHRISTIAN, Pleasant T.
Sgt Army, 23rd Inf., 2nd Div. Enlisted approx. 1915 in MO.
Honor Roll Casualty List Nov 14, 1918.
Born abt. 1893. Son of Mrs. & Mr. W. M. P. CHRISTIAN, Fredonia, NY, formerly of Topeka, KS.
KIA 5 Oct 1918 at Blanc Mont Ridge north of Sommepy-Tahure during the Meuse-Argonne Offensive.
Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France Plot G, Row 32, Grave 5.
Albert Calvern Cooper
COOPER, Albert Calven
Pvt, National Guard , K Co., 127th Inf, 32nd Div. Enlisted July 1917 at Freemont, Dodge Co., NE Honor Roll Casualty List Oct 7, 1918.
Born 9 Jan 1896, Chalk, Lyon Co., KS. Son of Isaac & Laura COOPER, Topeka, KS
DFW 3 Sep 1918 following injuries received in late August (possibly during the capture of Juvigny, 28-30 Aug, during the Oise-Aisne Offensive).
Buried at Suresnes American Cemetery, Suresnes, France Plot B, Row 8, Grave 3.
William Henry Cummickel
CUMMICKEL, William Henry
Pvt, G Co., 7th Ammunition Train, 7th Div. Enlisted May 1918, Garnett, KS.
Honor Roll Casualty List Nov 24, 1918.
Born 14 May 1896, Le Mars, Plymouth Co., IA. Son of Charles Warren & Olive Eugenia (CRANE)CUMMICKEL, Topeka, KS
DFD 1 Oct 1918 of complications from the Spanish influenza and resulting pneumonia in a base hospital (possibly near Toul) in France.
Originally buried in French soil, remains returned to the US and re-interred in the Topeka Cemetery Section 75, Lot 59, Interment #16230 on 2 Sept 1920.
Thomas Crosby Deacon
DEACON, Thomas Crosby P.
PFC Army, Supply Company 312, Quartermaster Corps. Enlisted 26 Nov 1917 at Kansas City, MO. Born 3 Nov 1894 Topeka KS. Son of Dr. William J.V. & Mrs Myra (POWELL) DEACON, Donna, TX (formerly of Topeka).
DFD 24 Jan 1919 of pulmonary tuberculosis at Base Hospital #63 (previously Base Hospital #9) Chateauroux, Indre, France.
Originally buried in French soil, remains returned to the US and re-interred in Arlington National Cemetery, VA (Section 18 Site 1065) on 15 Oct 1920.
Everett DeMeritt portrait
Cpl National Guard, H Co., 137th Infantry, 35th Division. Enlisted Jan 1917
Honor Roll Casualty List Oct 21, 1918.
Born 29 Jan 1898 in Wakefield, Clay Co. KS. Son of William A. & Elizabeth J. DeMERITT, Richland, Shawnee Co., KS
KIA 26 Sept 1918 while working a machine gun, supporting the artillery, in the initial attack on the first day of the Meuse-Argonne Offensive in the area north of Boureuilles on the way to Varrennes.
Buried at Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery, Romagne, France Plot G, Row 36, Grave 15.
Thea McGaughey Dice
DICE, Thea McGaughey
Pvt National Guard, 163rd Infantry Supply Company, 41st Division. Enlisted Nov 1917 in Flat Willow, MT.
Death reported in US newspapers Feb 2, 1918.
Born 24 May 1891, Goodland, Sherman Co., KS. Son of William M. & Rebecca DICE, Tecumseh, Shawnee Co., KS
DFD 31 Jan 1918 of complications from the Spanish influenza and resulting pneumonia at St. Aignes in France.
Originally buried in French soil, remains returned to the US and re-interred in Burlingame Cemetery, KS, Section 0 Lot 60 Space 8 on 7 Nov 1920.
Howard Dickerson
Sgt Regular Army, A Co., 2nd Engineers, 2nd Division. Enlisted May 1917 in Denver, CO.
Honor Roll Casualty List June 22 1918.
Born 19 May 1891, Mendon, Chariton Co., MO. Son of Thomas B. & Maria McGREGOR (both deceased), adopted son of Linda E. DICKERSON (later SWITZER) and husband of (the late) May (McKINNEY) DICKERSON
DFW 13 Jun 1918 sustained at midnight 11/12 June while working on preparing front line trenches with the 3rd Platoon, A Company. A high explosive shell hit a small working party of Sgt. DICKERSON and five men, instantly killing two. Sgt. DICKERSON was the most seriously wounded of the other four men. The attack took place about 100 yards south of the Paris-Metz road, 400 yards west of Le Thiolet during the 2nd Division's assault on Belleau Wood at Chateau Thierry. Buried at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, Belleau, France Plot A, Row 12, Grave 11.
Eventus S. Doud Jr.
DOUD, Eventus S. Jr.
Pvt National Army, H Co., 38th Infantry, 3rd Division. Enlisted Sept 1917 in Shawnee Co.
Honor Roll Casualty List Jan 16, 1918.
Born 26 May 1892, Rossville, Shawnee Co., KS. Son of Rose Lea (NEAVES) & (the late) Eventus S. DOUD, Rossville, Shawnee Co., KS
KIA 10 Oct 1918 during the line of advance between Bantheville, Romagne and Sommerance in the Meuse Argonne Offensive. When the 38th Infantry attacked it found itself held up by fire from the front and both flanks. The battalion was unable to advance during the day, although it sent patrols to the front and flanks. These advanced elements succeeded in gaining positions in the trenches on the western portion of ridge 255, but were ordered to retire after dark to their original positions in Tranchée de la Mamelle.
Originally buried in French soil, remains returned to the US and re-interred in the Rossville Cemetery, Shawnee Co., KS Section 1, Lot 3 on 02 Aug 1921.

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