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Shawnee County (Kansas) Casualties in WWI

The mail most dreaded by mothers, fathers, wives and families of servicemen during the First World War was the official Western Union telegram informing the recipients of the death of a loved one.

Western Union Telegram

The death could have occured at one of the many training camps in the U.S. or in one of the minor or major offensives of the Western Front in France. Deaths of servicemen and others, connected with the war, continued through the period of occupation of U.S. forces in Germany from accidents and disease.

More than 140 of these telegrams arrived for families of Shawnee County (Kansas) servicemen* between April 1917, when war was declared on the European Central Powers, and mid-1919, when the U.S. was part of the occupying forces in Germany. 47 enlistees died during US training and 93 men died while overseas.

Behind the stark words of the communication lay many stories of valor and tragedy, often not known by the grieving families.

This website attempts to tell some of these stories and recognize the ultimate sacrifice made by the men in uniform during the "war to end all wars".

Dedication of Victory Memorial Nov 11, 1923
Victory Memorial Dedication November 11, 1923
Victory Memorial today in Gage Park, Topeka
Victory Memorial, Gage Park
, Topeka
This memorial contains the names of Shawnee County Casualties in the Great War
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