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Shawnee County Casualties in WWI
Definition Used on this Site of a "Shawnee County Serviceman"

There are several publications, memorials and monuments and references in newspapers of the WWI period that refer to certain individuals as being from Shawnee County, Kansas. In some cases the actual serviceman enlisted in other Kansas Counties or States of the Union, or are buried outside of Shawnee County. It is obvious from the research that often these references were to sons/husbands of Shawnee County families or, by the time that the publication was released, out-of-state families had moved to Shawnee County and included the names of the deceased in this county's records.

It would seem to be unfair to apply a strict rule of residence or enlistment to only those from the county and this would defeat the purpose of honoring those brave men with connections, however tenuous, to Shawnee County.


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