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Corporal Harry Edward BAYLY, US Marine Corps
Harry E Baylyin his USMC uniform

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Marine Military Service: August 30, 1911 to August 29th, 1915

Harry Bayly enlisted in the Marine Corps August 30, 1911 in Colorado Springs, CO and was transferred to the Marine Barracks in Mare Island, Vallejo, California.

After initial basic training Private Harry E. Bayly was transferred on Dec 17th to Company E, 1st Regiment, Olangapo Naval Base (at Subic Bay) in the Philippines, arriving on Jan 30th on the USS Buffalo. Somewhere in the Marine records a transcription error changed his enlistment date which is shown as Aug 31st, 1911 instead of the correct date of August 30th, 1911

Whilst at Olangapo Naval Base, he was admitted to the Philippine Base Hospital on Feb 21, 1912 with a case of mumps and discharged on March 12th of the same year.

On 20th April 1912 he was transferred to Company A, 1st Regiment, Marine Detachment at the American Legation in Peking, China on the USS Abarenda, arriving in Peking on April 28th. On 28 August 1912 he was assigned to Special Duty, American Minister’s Orderly, a position he held until March 10, 1914 when he shipped back to the Philippines, to the Cavite Naval Base, on the USS Abarenda. During his time in Peking he was transferred to the 37th Company (Feb 1914).

Shortly after his arrival backin the Philippines, Private Bayly left on April 15, 1914 bound for a return to Marine Barracks at Mare Island in California, with the rest of his detachment, on the USS Thomas, arriving in California on the 16th May.

Harry was assigned as the CO’s Orderly (30th Company) upon arriving at Mare Island and on September 21st, 1914 he was promoted to Corporal and moved from the 30th Co. to Company A on the Post, assigned to drilling recruits.

This special assignment continued until the 29th August 1915 when he was discharged at the expiration of his 4-year enlistment with a character listed as “Excellent” and was awarded the Good Conduct medal #5358 for his four years of service in the Marine Corps.

World War One Army Service, 353rd Regiment, 89th Infantry Division,
National Army, AEF

Harry moved to Topeka, after his discharge from the Marines, where he joined the Topeka State Hospital as a fireman.

After the US declared war on Germany in April 1917, Harry enlisted in the US Army on Dec 12, 1917 and was assigned to the 353rd Infantry Regiment (89th Div.) for basic training at Fort Funston, Fort Riley, KS.

He entered service as a private and sometime between Feb 16th and Feb 22nd he was promoted back to his last Marine rank of Corporal.

The unit shipped out on May 26th, 1918 ready and equipped for over-sea service, bound for the Port of Embarkation, Hoboken, N. J. for transport on HMS Pyrrhus which sailed on June 4th for Europe.

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